Sunday, October 23, 2011


If you want to fly through the entire solar system and beyond, you're gonna have to have enough "Fuel", and that's what Illustration Friday is all about this week. Why wouldn't an alien gas station attendant be crazy similar to the ones we have here on Earth?

I've been working a lot in straight black and white lately and am really enjoying it. It really kind of began as a way for me to get more work turned around and posted quickly, but more and more, I'm enjoying exploring the best ways to balance the inks with the blank page... which areas get filled in with blacks, which stay open? What are the best ways to distribute weight throughout the page? It adds a necessity in having to plan your drawing a little more, than just saying: "I'll make that work with colors".

Thanks for checking in.

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caela said...

heheh thsi is great :) I love the line work and the alien character hes awesome :D