Thursday, October 6, 2011

Digital Inking

I've recently purchased a cheap Wacom Bamboo tablet for drawing online. I've really taken to doing some pencil work in Sketchbook Pro, and I like doing that a lot. It's easy, intuitive, and great for doing thumbnail sketches and pencilled work. I've had a tougher time with digital inking though... Today I got and downloaded Manga Studio Debut and it's the best time I've had digitally inking so far. I tested it with this drawing of one of my standby characters... He's like a beta testing redneck for me.

Manga Studio has a lot of the elements I love in vector work and am still able to work intuitively with a tablet. I am still going to do inks traditionally as well, but I look forward to working this way as well.


Marty Qatani said...

interesting... I just listened to a new podcast for Mac artists called The Apple Artist, and they were just saying the same thing regarding Manga Studio... I have to look into this some more.

Phil Rood said...

I still enjoy inking with an actual brush more, but that's partly because I haven't beaten the learning curve on this yet. Digital inking is a bit different from what I'm used to.