Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool as Ice

Vanilla Ice... A talentless novelty act? Yes. A shining example of how out of touch the music industry is? Absolutely. A walking punchline? Without a doubt. A human cartoon character? Look at the above picture, and you tell me.

All of this came together after one of my sisters, one of my brothers, their spouses and I sat down to watch the cinematic masterpiece "Cool as Ice" a couple days ago. What followed was 90 minutes of brutal heckling of one of the worst movies that has ever wasted the time of an entire film crew... Unintentionally hilarious, I suggest you watch this cine-turd with some friends and write your own jokes all the way through.

One thing that struck me about Vanilla Ice throughout the movie was how much he looked like a cartoon character. The ridiculous hair, the wierd clothes, his not-quite-lifelike facial expressions and his inability to be tongue-in-cheek about how bizarre and ridiculous he is... What followed was me sketching out the essence of what I saw in this one-dimensional freakshow, complete with what has to be the worst line in the entire movie...

Inks were done with a Pentel pocket brush pen and colors were done in Photoshop

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scrapperjen said...

You actually wasted that amount of time?! :) Love the cartoon though!