Monday, May 23, 2011


Not much to my post this week, except to say that, even though I've been pretty short of time in the past week or so, I made a point to sit down with some bristol and some tools to make this for Illustration Friday's topic of "Soaked" this week. I usually prefer to make my own characters for a topic, but I went the fan art route this week with a couple of X-Men, because it just seemed to perfect to pass up.

I kept the layout simple, and after pencils and inks, I did a rushed cleanup(which missed a lot and left the drawing still looking a bit rough around the edges) and a quick pass at colors in Illustrator. Everything I used for colors here was on a single palatte of swatches(Neutral). It is pretty rough and tumble looking, but I really do think the sketchiness(is that even a word?!) really adds to the charm of this one.

Thanks for checking in, and come back soon to see what's new.

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Jack Foster said...

Hey Phil! I like your angle on the topic and your Roodesque characters. NICE!