Sunday, April 24, 2011

Toto's Escape

Don't tell me that you're not hearing that music in your head right now. That music that told you that that mean old Miss Gulch was on her bicycle coming to take Dorothy's dog away. That's how I tied into this week's Illustration Friday topic of "Bicycle". I specifically chose the moment that Toto busted out of that maximum security restraint device called a picnic basket and ran back home to Dorothy.

I had a lot of fun with this, though I did find some frustration in drawing a bicycle. Drawing any kind of vehicle seems to bring its own kind of frustration with it. Coloring this piece was pretty fun though. I felt I had to color it in the sepia tones of that part of the movie, since color played such an important symbolic part of that film.

Here are the original inks of this piece, before coloring it in Adobe Illustrator. I know a certain little girl in Illinois who will be finding this in her mail box this week.

Thanks for looking this week, and check back often for more.


ruth said...

You've captured her expression perfectly!

Shannon said...

Great choice with the sepia. Love Toto's expression!


Jack Foster said...

Hey Phil! This is so perfect! Like the sepia tones. Toto is great! Love his expression. You really nailed the landscape too! My favorite illo of the week! I missed your “journey” last week. SUPERB! I love that mountain goat! Very cool! Oh and congrats on the book! It looks and sounds like fun. You’ve certainly been busy :o) Thanks for taking the time out to stop by.

ruth said...

You're a Friday Favorite!