Sunday, December 19, 2010


As if our Postal Service workers weren't taxed enough at this time of year, they've got this guy to deal with. For Illustration Friday's theme of "Mail", along with my being a dog person(that is a person who likes dogs, not some weird kind of dog-man hybrid) I went the dog vs. mailman route. This shows the aftermath of what appears to be a legitimate hell hounds smiling and triumphantly holding his trophy after defending his territory from letter carriers.
This was a lot of fun and felt great to do a quick turnaround for IF. Check out my admittedly rougher than usual pencil version below.
Thanks for looking and have a great Holiday Season.


michele said...

"You've got mail" takes on a whole new meaning! Hee hee, gotta love those pups! :o)

Jack Foster said...

Hey Phil! That is so funny! I have the mailman running from a bulldog (before) AND YOU HAVE THE AFTER! Great one Phil! Your dog has sort of a grinch look to him. The bulldog who stole the mail... :o)

Antoons said...

good stuff, man!