Monday, November 15, 2010


This week marks my return to Illustration Friday after a busy few weeks which have yielded no posts. I've been busy with a couple bigger projects and have drifted away from IF for the past couple weeks. This week's challenge, "Burning", along with a need to update the blog and get the Halloween posts (cool as they are) off the top of my page, brought me back to it.
Burning... it offers so many possibilities to someone who likes drawing giant robots, monsters, explosions and aliens. Naturally, I settled on drawing a hobo and his dog, huddled around the campfire. I thought it would be a cool character piece and it proved to be fun to do.

Here's my original pencil sketch that rolled into the final draft. Not much changed in between, everything just got tighter, as it should be.
Thanks for looking and please check back often.

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Jack Foster said...

Hey Phil! great to see your post this week! Nice work! I love the sketch as much as the colored version. TERRIFIC!