Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Transportation is the key word for Illustration Friday, and it's fitting, seeing as I've been on the road to the great state of Illinois for the past week and a half. Great trip that I had, it's good to be back in my home studio for getting some work done. It's as simple as falling off of a bike once you get settled into the computer chair again.

I made this cop/stock car driver/relief pitcher looking guy wearing a jet pack as his preferred method of transportation simply because I've always wanted one and was led to believe that we'd have jet packs available to us by now. However, I think I've illustrated here that if we ever were lucky enough to get jet packs, the government would probably screw it all up with a bunch of sucky helmet laws.

I started by doing some character sketches just to get the jist of this guy who kinda looks like my dad and something he'd attempt to build in his garage. I was also trying to settle into some practice for perspective and foreshortening his body. It's never natural or easy for me to draw that way, so I generally need to practice and get into a sort of mind set for it, just to accept the awkwardness and unnatural feel of drawing something like that.

Next I drew this rough draft. It wasn't intended to be the rough draft, but when I got done with it, I wasn't entirely happy with the entire thing, mainly the background and the way the smoke was laid out, so I decided to do one more pencil draft before going digital with it.

This is the final pencil drawing I made of this. Same smiling Earnhart mustache, same super polluting rocket backpack, I just changed the background and made his arms visible. After that I smoothed it all out in Illustrator, colored, shaded and did some finishing details before transporting it onto my blog.

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Kerry Schofield said...

I like seeing the process, nice illo.

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Kristin Dudish said...

Fantastic - I love seeing how other artists work!