Friday, October 15, 2010

the Timeless Question

"Do Smoking Robots Need Iron Lungs?" Well, do they?! As philisophical questions go, it may fall short of the one about one hand clapping or that thing about trees falling over and crushing people in the forest and whether or not the people make noise while they're being crushed, but I feel it's a fair question nonetheless.
This blog post is actually a perk of having a little time off for the past couple weeks. I've been able to streamline my deviantart presence, get some overdue work done, and make myself actually seen here on my blog. I was going over a flash drive today with a fine tooth comb and found some older pieces that I didn't even have saved to a hard drive anywhere, just floating around the world imprisoned by a 2 GB Flash Drive. This is one of those drawings.
I made this drawing probably a year or so ago with the intention of making some awesome prints or posters of it. Instead I ended up moving it to the back burner, but it remained one of my favorite pieces. Not for the clever, hipster t-shirt-type of saying I tacked onto it, but I really do like the Photoshop brushwork I did on this to weather the metal of the robot and create the thick smoky haze over the whole atmosphere of this thing. I also love the character I've created here and scribble him across many sketchbook pages as warm up drawings.

The original ink and blueline drawing, seen above, hangs in my 7 year old son's room. It got an odd second look from a friend of mine over the summer who commented on how many of my characters seemed to smoke. I don't know what to make of that, it just seemed worth a mention.

thanks for looking and check back often.