Sunday, October 24, 2010


Is it Frankenstein's Monster against a Mob of Angry Villagers, or is it a grumpy old man screaming at no good trick-or-treaters to stay off of his lawn?
Monster drawings are one of the best things about Halloween, so I'm trying to take advantage this year and do a couple extras for the blog. I'm likely skipping Illustration Friday this week, so I can get another Halloween pictures done as well as some comic work.
I was definitely inspired by the Hulk for this one, showing Frankenstein's monster as a huge, massive creature and, more importantly, showing how feared he is. I know that the Hulk was inspired partly by Frankenstein, and I think these characters are sort of kindred spirits. Frankenstein's Monster was great for that, setting a stage for many odd looking, misunderstood characters in literatrure, movies, and comics for years to come.
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