Monday, July 5, 2010


I had to make time for Illustration Friday this holiday weekend because I liked the topic of "Giant" so much. A GIANT Robot was a natural, maybe even cliche, choice for me to do, but fun is the name of the game and finding a twist on a cliche is always an interesting challenge. The lone cop who stands against impossible odds to keep order and safety in his city is the element that keeps you involved with this piece.

Pencils for this one took me quite awhile because I was pretty meticulous about the perspective. It's only 1 point perspective, so it's not to rigorous, but I still took time to draw grids and measure everything fairly tight. It's still not perfect, but that's the beauty of cartooning, is that there is a margin of error and the pieces of your world do not have to fit perfectly with their real world couterparts.

Thanks for looking, and check back often.


Adam StJohn said...

Back at ya Roods.. love your version of Giant as well. great stuff.. pencils and perspective are good to mate.

scrapperjen said...

I love it!