Monday, July 26, 2010


Here's my entry for Illustration Friday's "Double" topic this week. The top rock musician in the entire Smoky Mountains and his amazing double-neck banjo. That's bluegrass virtuosity right there. I don't know how I came to settle on this image for this topic, I just wanted to do something you don't see every day, and after about 20 years of going in and out of guitar shops, I've yet to see a double-neck banjo.
Also posted is my original pencil sketch that I used for my template. It's pretty close, but you can see that I originally had scribbled in a double barrelled shotgun as well to keep with the theme. In the end, my pencils for the gun weren't tight enough and I thought it might start cluttering up the whole image too much and taking away from the main focus.

Thanks for looking and check back often.


michele said...

Is that "double x" moonshine on the porch? lol! A real hootenanny! :o)

k.h.whitaker said...

very nice

Jack Foster said...

Very original! I love it!! Great illo and terrific layout! Nice one Phil!