Monday, March 22, 2010


This week's Illustration Friday topic is: "Expired". The old man here is out of time on his parking meter, among other things. I realize this may be a little bit more morbid than usual, but I did strive to keep it from being to dark or serious with flat, bold colors that add to the pop art fun that I usually have in my work. I did work with a lot of shadows here to add to the darkness, and I was able to employ the use of a solar flare on the Deathmobile. Not something I usually get into using, but I thought it would fit this piece OK, if I was subtle about it.
Thanks for looking, and check back often.


Ana said...

Very original. I like it.

Rui Sousa said...

Marvellous work! It´s really lovely and well done!


The Temporary

Sally Taylor said...

I like it! and the solar flare is the perfect finishing touch!

K. Cerson said...

Very cool concept! I love to morbid-ness, by the way. :)